Tuesday, 14 February 2012

D-day tomorrow!

It's been busy here trying to organise, buy, wrap things up, pack, and re-pack, take care of bills etc etc.

There was a few times in the past  I was away for 6 months, but I really don't remember there being this much stuff to take care of.  The bike definitely adds another dimension to the prep and planning.

Some people have asked for info and pics on the prep. This might be a little boring for those of you less interested in the tech side of things, but if this doesn't interest you just skip it and read on later:)

 Here's the Tiger Chomping at the bit.

My new GPS.  Small screen, but water proof and portable.

Savage cycle installed this 12 volt plug which could come in handy for my compressor or other gear.

I ordered this piece I broke trail riding, but didn't get a replacement in time.  Lil black duct tape and good as new!

Betsy looks dead sexy.

I duct taped a field dressing to the bike.  It helps "uglify" the bike a bit, save room, and it's easy to get, if I ever need it.

This is the load in the right pannier.  I know, I know...don't bring a laptop.  Well, I really think it's gonna come in handy to update the blog and also to update maps on the GPS.  Ask me later if I regret bringing it!!

I mounted a water bottle holder on the back of the pannier to keep the fuel smell off my clothes and food.

The items in the other pannier.  Mostly camping gear

All this stuff I'll either be wearing or it'll be stashed in the tank bag or top-case. My god there is a lot of crap on this bike.

Well, that's it for now.  Tomorrow I fly out and I won't see the Tiger until the 19th.  I plan on trying to update the blog from Mexico city.


  1. Good luck!!! Keep us updated, take lots o pics ,,,