Monday, 30 January 2012

A fantastic day on the river with a few friends and a nice talk with Sharon who has travelled to Central & South America.  Seems like I mostly hear good things from the people who've actually been there and travelled around.  Some other people who haven't been there seem to think parts are VERY dangerous.  I guess that's why they don't get out much ; )

Prep continues this evening.  Yesterday, I got my topcase from Jesse Luggage in Arizona.  Looks very sweet, but a bit of a problem as it doesn't seem to lock onto the bike and I'm leaving soon.    

Oh well,  I emailed Al Jesse and hopefully tomorrow he has some suggestions.  This is what the bike is looking like at the moment.  I have the top case held on with clamps, but haven't drilled the holes yet and hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow.  Soon I'll post a few more pics of the bike with the panniers and some other shots of the special gear on the bike.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Let's Kick Things Off!

Firstly...welcome to everyone and thank-you so much for visiting this blog.  

Secondly, I'd like to let you know I've started this blog in anticipation to the huge trip I will be taking to Mexico and parts of Central and South America.  When I started thinking about the best way to keep a journal of my trip and to let friends know what I've been up to, this seemed like the obvious answer.

So, I'm not a professional writer, relatively uneducated, and a horrible speller!  However, I will do my best to make this blog as update and as interesting as possible.  Maybe I'll learn something along the way, and who knows...maybe you will too!

Some preparations have already been made and the tentative departure date is Feb 12, 2012 which is approaching quickly.  I plan on being gone up to 6 months, so I've really had to make some long term arrangements, such as renting out my home for the duration of my trip.  Luckily my good friend Scott Collins will be taking care of and enjoying my home while I'm away so I don't worry while I'm on the road, where I will have so much else to concentrate on.

Like I said, preparations continue and I will bring you all up to speed, but first I have to run out for some much needed recreation.  Today I will be white water kayaking with some friend on the Chemainus River which is just slightly north of Duncan, on Vancouver Island, BC.  Yes, Vancouver Island is where I call home. But, more about that later as well.  All for now...Clay out.

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