Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Back to Tijuana & Back to Rosarito

Hello again guys.  A guy can get really far behind in this blogging if he isn't really careful.  So, even though I've a had a lonnnggg day, here we are.  Sunday the 19th Scotty rolled into Tijuana with my beauty and it sounds like things went off without a Hitch.  After Scotty washed up, we headed out with my new friends a fed Scotty some dinner.  Most of the evening was spent transferring my gear back into the bike and Scotty getting ready for his trip back the next day.  Alejandrina & Cesar had told us that it would be wise not to get to the border too early, since it would be chalker full of people returning to the US from the weekend.  In the morning, after looking at some flights that didn't seem to add up to shit, we headed off, queer as a two-dollar bill, 2-up, to the border.

Scotty posing with the Tiger in the morning for the turnover.

When we got to the border, it was just like we were told, and wall to wall cars and caravans.  We rode up close and Scotty dismounted with just shy of a combat roll, after a quick goodbye.  Thanx buddy!  After that; turning around and staying in Mexico turned out to be a little fun.  The Mexican's had to open up a side gate to let me turn around and then two soldiers proceeded to rip the bike apart.  They asked if I had any weapons and I said I had a hunting knife for camping.  The soldier said "you can't have this", then he threw in back in my pannier?  Then he said,  "you have any drugs"?  And of course I had to answer truthfully, that I had prescription drugs, and of course I have 4 types of pills in one bottle, not so well marked.  They looked at them and after explaining what they were for, I was told  I could put them away.  When they saw one other item in the tail box, it offered a bit of comic relief and I think they went a little easier on me after that.  More info will be disclosed on that item later and you'll have to keep following the blog to find out what it is. Maybe the fact that I was a retired military guy, and they would likely be retired military guys one day, helped also.  Anyway,  they were just doing there jobs, and it wasn't so bad.  After being set free, I finally headed out riding the Tiger, and feeling sooooo free! I headed back down to Rosarito.

I have to say, riding in Mexico is awesome.  To me, the drivers are great.  Aggressive yes, but also polite.  Way better than the moronic, slow-ass, unpredictable drivers we have back on the island.  So far; so good here.  After finally riding the Tiger here, and my face starting to hurt from the shit eating grin I had on inside my still tight brand new Arai; I decided to make a very important stop.

It seems like there is a lot of these Tacos Manual stands and I think I remember reading about them in the Lonely Planet guide.  Time to give it a try.

They didn't have chicken,  so I decided to have one beef and one pork, and wow.....these babies were good.

I had to go back up and get two more to make-up for the breakfast I missed.

Seeing as how I hadn't really slept in hotels until the night before, I decided to treat myself a little and stay at the Rosarito Beach Hotel which is a landmark in town.

The beach is beautiful, but mostly deserted now as it's early in the season.  The sunset was magnificent.

Life is good in Rosarito.

Lucky for me dinner was included with the hotel and I decided to get the Mexican plate, which had a bit of everything.  Of course I didn't remember to get the pic until I had already had a couple bites.  Rice, taco, stuffed pepper, and beans.  It was fantastic. 

Overall I'd say this was a pretty nice place for about $70US.  It's a wee bit dated and past it's glory, but it still had a charm and the staff were very friendly.  A little bit extra extravagant when on such a long trip, but what the hell.

The long pier is a beautiful walk out.

 Nice outdoor pool, but it looked cold today. No dice.

Long white sand beach with just a lone surfer and a couple horses.

You guys better get used to this shirt, because I only have 3 and you're gonna see it a lot!

Well, that's it for tonight folks....more updates soon.


  1. Glad to hear everything is going as planned.... Excited to hear Scotty made it and the exchange went over without a HITCH :-) Loving the updates and the pics/commentary. Sounds like couch surfing has been the way to go!!! Some great hosts/hostesses and an amazing way to immerse yourself in Mexican culture. Enjoy Rosarito Amigo. Love Darah and Dylan

  2. Yet again great pics and colour commentary. I will keep myself glued to the Clax blog and try to figure out what it was , Jimbo

  3. Hey Clay!

    Martin here from Vic.... Looks like you're having a good time in the sun! Keep the rubber side down...

    Just saw your vid from the Chilliwack last year - epic swim! Looked like fun other than that!

    Hasta luego, amigo...

  4. Hey Martin! Great to hear from you. Sounds like I missed a good paddle on Friday and yes the swim on the Chilliwack and the rescue were brutal. My hands were frozen solid after that one!

    take care and stay in touch,
    Clay D