Thursday, 9 August 2012

Igapirca to Vilacabamba

Ok guys, it's no trip is almost over.  The bike is on it's way back and so am I.  One thing I learned this trip is....a blog is a lot of work and it's REALLY easy to get behind.  So I'm about 2 months behind and I think what I will do is post up a lot of the pics minus commentary and slowly update and fill in the blanks to tell the story of the last leg of the journey.  

I believe the biggest Amara and Inca ruin in Ecuador is Ingapirca near the town called CaƱar.  It's off the beaten track and overlooked by a lot of travellers, but we really thought it was worth while

If you ride up past the ruin there is a nice hotel/hostel there.  We just parked the bike there and didn't stay so I can't tell you the prices, but it's really nice and peaceful up there.  Turned out there  are lockers at the gate to ruins, so if you go, you can always lock up your stuff there.


They make the doors this shape to help with-stand earthquakes.

Definetly the centre piece of Ingapirca.  Lots of precision in these stones.

There have bee so many times I've been told rocks look like an Inca head, face, warrior etc...but I really think there is something to this one.  I just doesn't look like a fluke.

There is another recently archaeological site very close by that has recently been excavated.

After the ruins we headed south and made it all the way to the sleepy town of Vilcabamba, just east of Loja.  Make sure you get gas on the east side of Loja if you intend to go south from Vilcabamba or you will have to back track, or take your chances further away.   Good food, peaceful and some great hostels.  There is also some nice trails around, but there was a forest fire and we didn't make it all the way to the waterfall we wanted to see.  The road south of Vilcabamba is a dirt road with lots of construction.  Be prepared for a good ride in the rainy season.
But we made some friends.  This guy reminded me of Andy. (let's see if he reads my blog)
We bumped into the couple staying at a little place near the river and hung out with them a coupe times.

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