Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ecuador...I know I'm gonna like this place : )

 The road from Popayan to San Agustín had been a doozy, but I had no idea what was in store for me the day I left Colombia.  I had a clue when the the policemen at a check point used the word "PELIGROSO".  That means dangerous for you fellow gringos and let me tell you...between the insane truck drivers, the cliffs with no guard rails, the crappy dirt road and the river crossings...THEY WERE RIGHT!  I had a blast, but at the end of the day I was exhausted.
I wished I could have enjoyed the scenery more,  but I was so totally focused on the road, the bike and the trucks;  I barely saw anything else.
Too top it all off,  a nice bit of fog rolled in.

Luckily some of the river crossings helped wash off the bike.

Somehow I made it all the way into Ecuador that day and rolled into Ibarra in the dark.  It was late, but a found a hostel easily and even got some chicken delivered.  It seemed like a nice place but I left without breakfast.

After getting a couple hours of riding in, I finally stopped at a little roadside cafe.
In part of South America they eat things we would consider odd for breakfast like soup, rice and chicken.
It's not our typical breakfast, but you sure get a lot of food for about $3.

Luckily I had the equator marked on my GPS or I would of missed it.  In fact I passed it the first time and had to ride back.

There actually is sign on the left side of the road.
They have build a sun dial and for a buck, a gentlemen will give you a small  talk about what he believes is the centre of the world.

The man at the Sun Dial.  Eventhough he talks really fast and doesn't seem too interested in his job, he has some interesting things to say.
South of Quito, I pass by an Army base and see some familiar insignia and decide to turn around and go back.

"Always Ready"....just like Paratroopers should be.

One of the Troops at the gate.

We trade a set of Canadian Jump wings for a set of Ecuadorian Wings.
I finally stop in a place called Baños de Agua Santa or Baños for short. It's a small but exciting town. Cheap places to stay, good restaurants, volcanos, tours, name is. I get a private room at a hostel with parking for my bike too:)
Looking out my window to the yard of the Hostel.

Baños is famous for river sport like rafting and kayaking and guess who loves kayaking.  It takes me a little searching, but I finally dial in to the best outfit, guides and kayakers in town. A place called Geotours.
The group getting ready for a class 3+ paddle.
A friendly french Canadian that loves kayaking too.

Break time and a little cliff jump for the gang.

A couple days later I hook up with Andres & Lucho again to run some water falls.
The boys and myself looking from the top of the last drop.
Andres getting ready for the first drop.
What it looks like from the bottom.

Lucho on the ledge.
Me taking a slightly bad line.

The film crew in the van on the way back.
Three falls and we all make it out alive and feeling awesome.  Thanks guys....what an amazing day.


  1. think you gave up 16CMS on the Mighty Cowichan on Wednesday evening for this? Go figure but i guess that makes us all different. Good pics man. Hope your back for this Sunday for another Mighty Cowichan at 15 CMS and a world of tubers.

    1. Hey Larry! Sorry it took me soooo long to reply. The cow sounds good right now! I'm having fun, but I'm on the home stretch and my mind is already 90% there! see you in a couple weeks

  2. Hey DOOD!!! some awesome pics . your rear tire is still looking pretty shoddy, you gonna change it soon? I am going to Kamloops mid August to do the Loose Screw DS ride. I picked up some tire and will be switching them out next week , so i have some knobbies for the Kamloops terrain. got the extended battery pack for my Go Pro2. I think I am all set. Jimbo