Monday, 4 June 2012

San Blas Islands

The Caribbean and San Blas islands are wonderful and things on the cat are mostly good.  However, it turns out of Captain has a reputation for overbooking his boat and I don't exactly have a bed on board.  No worries.... I sleep in on the trampolines in the front, but think ahead to the open ocean with a little anticipation.

I'm not about long before we have some indigenous people "Kuna's", coming along side selling some hand crafts with their children aboard.

Paz from Israel & Zoe from Australia.
Our lovely Aussie Couple Zoe & Nick.  At first they didn't really want to get into the water and swim, but when they finally realized it was quite safe, we coxed them in.

A popular activity while the cat is motoring or at sail.
Chris, Dom, Nick, & Johnas.
A Kuna fisherman comes up trying to sell his catch, but some of his lobster are too small and we send him away.

We see a few dolphins off the bow, but only for a short while.
It turns out Fritz isn't the only one that play the trumpet and Connor entertains us for a bit.
Nick chillin on the foredeck.
Eva & Steph having a chat.
The English boys reviewing their recent shots.
The rods been set for awhile and there is finally something on the line.
Its turns out to be a medium sized grey shark.
I would of preferred it was turned lose, but honestly, I'm not sure that was possible.
1st Mate Jose looking happy in the kitchen.  A friendly guy and hard worker.
I'm looking quite happy in this shot.
Martin rightfully looking quite please with himself.

A red red sky over the Caribean.

The sun goes down on another beautiful day.  After 5 days on the cat we finally reach Cartagena, but it turns out I can't get the bike off the boat until the next day.  Fritz is full of surprises, but for some reason I still trust him with the bike.


  1. Wow Bro, looking awesome. I love those cat cruises, and this one looks like a lot of fun. Glad things are going smooth overall, and that faith is getting you through some of the less ideal moments. This little cruise was prolly a good opportunity to let the bike body rest, and now off for another ride. Enjoy the next leg and play safe:) Darah says Hi as well (she bought a 2003 SV650S). Already has over 1000k of seat time since 2 weeks ago! Anywho, looking forward to more posts and chat soon Bro.


  2. Hey dude glad to see your doing well, went and took advantage of my new free membership at Adrenalin. and ordered new H.D. tubes, rim locks and some shin/knee guards. The DR is starting to shape up now, I have a Gixxer exhaust can for it. Mid of the month I will see about installing it. looking forward to doing even more riding and one day doing some with you in the future . Have a good day and good riding Jimbo