Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bye bye Baja.

The pics and stories are a piled high once again.  We headed south into Loreto and found a nice hotel on the beach.  As it turned out a "Bush Pilots" gathering was just winding down, but we got to chat with a few of our neighbours and hear a few good stories.  Pretty interesting how these pilots from all over,  fly their private aircraft to this event every year.

There's so much interesting landscaped riding through the Baja.  I could stop and take pictures every 10 minutes.

As we're crossing the Baja from Pacific to Cortez Sea, I wonder if we'll hit a gas station, and just then we find out.  It wasn't as hard to find gas,  as I've had heard.

We ride right through La Paz and scout the ferry terminal and office for vehicle permits.  Looks like the hours have improved.

Rates for the vehicle permits.

Hours for the office.

We decided to get the state room for a few extra bucks, since Dan said it was totally worth it last time.  The ferry sails at 6pm and doesn't arrive until 10am the next day.
After checking stuff out, we find a hotel near by that's on the beach.... La Concha.  It's seems pretty Mexican and has a certain charm to it.  Once again, we manage to negotiate the rate down to something a little more reasonable and we get breakfast thrown in too!
There's a nice little pool, but shit was it cold!  Still just a little early in the season here.

The next morning we head down and get my vehicle permit and tickets for the ferry on Thursday.  I had mentioned there's always welders around dockyards, so Dan suggests we ask one of the workers at the ferry terminal.  Next thing we know, he's on the back of Dan's bike for a ride to the other end of the yard.

The welder gets me to disconnect the battery on the bike and gets right to it.  Before we know it, he's done and his amigo hands me a can of spray paint.
The finished product, ready for another adventure.

The man of the hour.

Great view of the bay from the hotel to watch the boats pass.

Looks like an American frigate, and we  see some of the crew later on that day.

There doesn't seem to be any tourist in La Paz.
While Dan heads out golfing, I decide to go into town and grab something to eat.  The waiter tells me about a special that is delicious and I hastily agree to try it.  After he walks away, I realize I've ordered octupus, but something stops me from calling the waiter over and changing my order.  I think party I thought I'd be embarrased and part of my wanted to try and remain open minded. I forced myself to eat the whole plate and it definelty the most octopus I've eaten in one sitting.  It was actually very goood, but I still felt a little queezey after.

I'm not sure why; but I have a tough time eating tentacles.

Neat looking wee bird I though deserved a photo.

A couple days later, it's already time to leave La Paz and the Baja behind.  I feel slightly sad wishing there was more time, but I know there's so much in store for us.

We get to the ferry two hours early and load the bikes.   Dan gets the last tie down strap, leaving me with nothing.  Mential note ......get some bloody tie down straps!  (Can't believe I forgot those)

Luckily the water is glassy smooth when we set sail.

After we leave and the sun goes down, we try and get some dinner.  The dinner is free, but after we taste it, we understand why.  I didn't feel very good for about 3 hours afterwards.  If you plan on making this crossing, I suggest you bring something to eat.

There were no electrical outlets or wifi on the ferry, but my laptop is charged and we watch episode 2 of Long Way Down before falling into a coma.  Sleeping helps the time pass quickly.

Dan & I on the deck just before coming into Mazatlan.

Looks like they constructed a large breakwater near Mazatlan.

I was surprised that a tug came and brought us in on the other side.
Unlike BC ferries, we're the last ones off the boat.  We roll up to the navy guys who are checking people coming into the mainland.  They are more interested in my Camel-Bak then my bike, asking "where did you buy?" and "cuanto cuesta?".

We hit the toll highways, and the cruising is smooth, but the tolls at up. 200 pasos at one, 150 at another, 45 another.  About $30 bucks each in one day.  Finally we get to Sayulita and check into a nice little two bedroom place on the ocean.

My first king size bed of the trip.  How splendid.

The beach and ocean are outside my bedroom window!

This lady had a stereo playing and was belly dancing on the beach.   We thought she was petty good!

No A/C or TV set, but we  have our  own kitchen

Dan has a sore back so I let the old guy sleep in the next morning.  We have coffee and toast with our good friend Helen and decide it's time to head off.  We need to find a courier so Dan can send a few things home.

It wasn't cheap, but what's a guy gonna do.  Just don't forget that beer you own me Dan : )  (That's Beck's sin-alcohol)
That night we decide to try and find some beach camping but it doesn't really work out.  It's a first for the trip, but we end up doing some night riding and finally find a hotel in Colima after a little jaunt downtown.   The city is hopping tonight with all the festivities leading up to Semana Santa.

Something is wrong with the Tiger, and it keeps stalling.  I need to get it to dealer.

The street is mostly bare by the time I took this picture, when it was packed just a few minutes ago.

The next day we get a good early start and hop back on the #200 south.  That section of the road is beautiful.  

We know we're not going to make it as far as Acapulco today, so when I see a good spot I pull over and Dan and I check it out.

One of the friendly faces we find at our new home.

Little did we know this guy likes to try and crawl into hammocks  late at night.

This is what dreams are made of.

Later on we start gathering wood for a bon-fire and we find a lovely turtle coming up the beach.  She starts to dig and finally she lays her eggs.

We're sitting on the beach giving the turtle some privacy, when I say "hey Dan, you better move".  Of course when he finally realizes I'm not joking and turns around,  the turtle is almost on top of him as she was heading back into the ocean.  Dan gets out of the way just in time.

So-long Tortuga.  I wish we could see your eggs hatch!

What a fantastic beach fire.

I found it really hard to leave this spot in the morning.  I keep telling myself it only going to get better and that keeps me motivated.


  1. Hey Clax continuing to get great shots . Let us know what up with your bike , glad to know about the "surprise package" finally. As you see on facebook I have been forced to do some work on my bike , but I am hoping that if anything goes wrong for you that your able to get it fixed quick and easy. Congrats on getting your bracket welde3d . Dont forget tie down straps!!!! jimbo

  2. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing Clay :-)

  3. Thanx Darah! I think you'll like the next one too.