Monday, 30 January 2012

A fantastic day on the river with a few friends and a nice talk with Sharon who has travelled to Central & South America.  Seems like I mostly hear good things from the people who've actually been there and travelled around.  Some other people who haven't been there seem to think parts are VERY dangerous.  I guess that's why they don't get out much ; )

Prep continues this evening.  Yesterday, I got my topcase from Jesse Luggage in Arizona.  Looks very sweet, but a bit of a problem as it doesn't seem to lock onto the bike and I'm leaving soon.    

Oh well,  I emailed Al Jesse and hopefully tomorrow he has some suggestions.  This is what the bike is looking like at the moment.  I have the top case held on with clamps, but haven't drilled the holes yet and hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow.  Soon I'll post a few more pics of the bike with the panniers and some other shots of the special gear on the bike.

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